Can you Stream to Twitch with a laptop?

I get asked the same questions alot, and one that always comes across my DM’s is “Can I stream with my laptop?” That is a loaded question, and rather than respond to every single DM, we shall do it in VIDEO FORM! So short answer is yes, with a few caveats we will discuss. So if your laptop has a 6 core/ 12 threaded processor, at least 16 gigs of ram, and a decent gpu… you’re set! If you dont meet that criteria, the best option would be to run multiple tests with whatever you stream to see if your hardware can handle the stress. The other option is, stream console games via a capture device. Chances are, you’re hardware will likely encode a stream properly, but not game and stream at the same time. THATS OKAY! This is why companies like elgato and Avermedia exist. Pick up a decent capture card and stream some console games until you can grab a decent laptop of Desktop PC (recommended). So yes, you can definitely stream to Twitch via a laptop, but it will take some serious laptop’s to handle this load.

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