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As a heavily requested video, I’ve now done a studio/room tour where I do my live streams and record my videos. This was a great time to promote some of the partners i’m working with who help keep me alive including you guys! I really appreciate all of your support. I’ll be pumping back out with Overwatch content again, the puppy has caused a few delays 🙂

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PC Specs:

• HyperX Cloud II Headphones
• Asus PG258Q ROG Swift Monitor

• Intel Core i7 6850K
• NVIDIA Founders Edition GTX 1080Ti
• 32GB HyperX Predator 3333MHz DDR4 Memory
• 512GB M.2 (2000mb/s read 1500mb/s write)
• 1TB SSD / 500GB SSD
• Corsair 400C Case
• Corsair h100i V2 AIO Cooler
• Corsair RM850i PSU
• MSI X99 Carbon Gaming Motherboard





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