Keep track of your favorite Twitch streamers, receive notifications when one of them goes online, find new streams and more, with this feature-packed Chrome extension

Twitch has become the go-to platform for anyone looking to stream gaming-related content, being used by individuals and companies alike, in addition to being the preferred service for broadcasting eSports competitions.

Twitch Now is a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that makes it a lot easier to follow your favorite streamers and find new content, while also providing notifications to help you keep track of which channels are online.

Log into your Twitch account and keep track of streams from the Chrome toolbar

The first thing you need to do is provide your account credentials so that the extension can find all the streams and games you are currently following. While several other parameters can be configured, you are pretty much good to go once you have logged in.

The extension allows you to browse Twitch regardless of what page you are currently on, so it is a great choice for users who want to manage streams and browse other websites at the same time.

Get notified when streams go online and find new content to watch

Twitch Now lets you know how many of your followed channels are online, and you can access the streams with just a couple of mouse clicks. What’s more, notifications can be triggered when one of your channels has started streaming.

Additionally, the extension enables you to browse Twitch using several methods. You can find streams related to the games you are following, search for new games, view the most popular streams on Twitch and even perform a classic keyword-based search.

Smart layout and plenty of customization options

We have to say that the extension’s design is pretty much perfect, as nothing looks out of place and it is remarkably easy to sort through large numbers of streams.

Moreover, Twitch Now allows you to customize multiple parameters related to the extension’s look and functionality. You can, for instance, switch to an alternative dark color theme, specify how streams should be opened and enable or disable notifications.

In a nutshell, Twitch Now offers everything you could possibly expect from a browser extension designed to enhance your Twitch experience. If you frequently watch streams and use Chrome, you should definitely try out this extension.


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