What Should I Stream on Twitch? – Ranking the BEST Games for Growth

What should I stream on Twitch to grow? We set out to answer that question. Introducing the Twitch Games Tier List! These are the BEST games to stream for growth on Twitch in September 2019.

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Full data/research – http://bit.ly/2kpCkJy

Website: https://trustreaming.tv

“What should I stream on Twitch if I want to grow?”


“What should I stream on Twitch if I want to grow?”

I get asked this question a LOT on our podcast, and I hear a lot of different answers.
“Stream the games with the most people watching!”
“Stream the games that NOBODY is watching!”
“jUsT stREam WhaT makES you HAppY!”

I’m not saying any of these answers are wrong, but they are all based on opinions – what worked for ONE particular person. Recently, I realized that I might be able to use data to find a better answer.

I’m huge into games like Smash and League of Legends, and I love seeing tier lists of characters from pro players. So I thought, “what if I did that with games on twitch?”

Today, I’m excited to unveil my first-ever “Twitch Streaming Tier List” for directories on the platform.

So to quickly sum up, here’s how I found the games/directories to rank for the tier list:
-Look at the top 100 most-streamed games on Twitch for the last 30 days
-Sort them by Average Viewer Ratio
-Rule out any game/directory with less than 100 Peak Concurrent Streams
-Rule out any game/directory with less than 40 Average Viewer Ratio (for practicality)

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